Sunday, May 31, 2009

Halle Berryy Halle Berryy!!!

This has to be the WTF of the week.hahaha yo check out Jamie Foxx grip on dat ass.
Halle is not armature to the Ding Dong

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Million Dollar Bertone Mantide (Only 10 In The World)

Loss for words right now...this car is tooo real right now>.lol

Terry Kennedy's Surpra Society

New joints in stores now >!

R.I.P Young Dolla

Rising hip hop artist, Dolla, was fatally shot at the Beverly Center mall yesterday afternoon. Condolences go out to Dolla and his family

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Bonus Tracks off Relapse

To those who don't not have the comeback album of Thy Marshall Mathers get it...point blank, Period!
P.S. there two extra bonus track on it, and there sick get it asap.
Its a celebration bitches!!!!ahaahahaa

Is he the Futrue or What??

DRAKE-Say U Will Freestyle Toronto Show.
This dude right here is so far in the game. Killin shows left and right according to a few review on Drake it looks like he could be the Future and could most likely take the thrown as the best hiphop artist today, thats if he hasnt already claimed that title.(lol). but i dont kno people what you think ???

The new Ocean 7

Yo this is the new Movement hosted by the infamous B-Cox and J.D. I dig the video. whats good people what you think? .. im looking forward to hearing more from da 7.

Monday, May 11, 2009

SUPREMEs New Arrivals

Supreme Sunglass Frames

These are sick yo, i rockin nem all day. yessir! Beyond their eyewear releases with Oakley, this season Supreme present two in-house models with the Locs and the MX. The styles feature made in Japan construction with shatter resistant lenses and acetate materials. Each version available in three colors will begin releasing on Thursday, May 14th online and in store in the US while Japanese outlets will release on Saturday, May 16th

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunsets & Shades

Sunset and shades.
Imagery by Paso=$
What you think??

Tough Mornings (Sheesh!!)

Let me fill you in on how my day got but Ok here it goes, I woke this morning feelin good, but my goodness was shortly broken do to the fact that im still in da A-town on Mother Day!(Dayum).WTF. Dude i need to get back to Cali A.S.A.P. NO disrespect to you ATaliens but UGH, theres no place like home and Cali is where i reside. Further more being Motherless by her presents on this special day Sucks i must say. What hurts the most is that i called her this morning to be the first to give her my blessings and she was already up and at Brunch with the rest of my Fam, i was Crushed, missin out once again on good times. lol. but any who Mom if your reading this Happy Mothers Day and have a great day to you Love you dearly. ;-)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yung Joey..(WHatAMoveDude)!

Rev. Run’s son JoJo Simmons was arrested last night after getting caught buying weed from a street pusher, then trying to outrun and get rough with the cops. SMDH. Police knew exactly who he was since they rolled up on him in his BMW–with “JoJo” written across the headrests–while he was rolling his joint. JoJo ended up trying to flee quickly in the car but hit a parked car after slamming into reverse. Then he started to physically fight with the officers when he couldn’t get away.

Needless to say, He was charged with attempted reckless endangerment, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and criminal possession of marijuana. Rev. Run is somewhere saying a few prayers right now.

The Return of the PF Flyers Center HI

Do these go haard or what, i would rock these!!!!
check out PF Flyer to see there exclusive sneakers they have to offer . PF Flyer have been around for a very long time and there still able to keep up with the latest styles, theses Black Center Hi are sick.. Chea!

Ooh Baby For the love of Caviar...

Aye, this is the chick from the Love of Ray J.. Caviar remember. One of Larry's models for da CHI..LOL
I must say her english is horrible but ugh, she looks about right in these
Are my eyes playing tricks on me or do she look like Lauren London...idk American lol... What you think???

Marc Jacobs Chukka's

Vans and Marc Jacob have made a very successful pairing in the past and of course this time around its no different. Available in 3 electric suede & corduroy colorways these shoes definitely do not disappoint. Fans of the Vans brand can already tell you that they are some of the most comfortable shoes in the world and to top it off the Marc Jacobs collabs dont ever bear a price tag thats to heavy for the average consumers wallet.

Wiz Khalifa on the "Up Rise"

What you think about this Artist: Wiz khalifa hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Rapin to the "Knock you down" beat,WoW.this dude can be good under the right guidance. Hes been out for a while but havent really heard his music, but this dude definitely has potential.

Kyocera Unveils Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone

Charting the future of cell phone technology, Kyocera recently unveiled a kinetic energy-powered phone that is capable of folding up like a wallet. Designed by industrial designer Susan McKinney, the EOS phone consists of a soft, semi-rigid polymer skin surrounding a flexible low-energy OLED display. Shape memory allows the phone’s keys to pop up when in use and blend in with the surface during downtime.
The EOS is still in the early design stage, but Kyocera teams in San Diego and Bangalore hope to integrate concepts from the device into cell phone lineups in the near future. Maybe future versions of the EOS will follow Samsung and LG’s lead and use solar power in addition to kinetic energy.

The Eco-friendly McLaren P11 Supercar

One of the world’s best Formula One teams is set to unveil its latest creation: an environmentally friendly supercar. McLaren says the P11, which will feature a regenerative breaking system and v8 diesel-powered engine with a scorching top speed of over 200mph, will be the greenest vehicle in its class. But we can’t help but wonder, will it really live up to the eco hype?
this car will be great when it is perfected, as an ecofriendly vehicle

Cassie Vs. Rihanna(Nude)

Yooo!!!!people whats good i need some help with this ...Cassie or Rhianna, personally i like both, but imma have to break it down and judge it by who has the best body. Although i do like the Petite and sexy body, i also like the (Rumps). and Rhianna has SO with out further adue....WAIT unfortunately
Im not gonna post all there photos up,(because there too but what i do recommend is that all of you do your research and find them cuz DAMN. super

T-Mobile 3G Style

The Sidekick has been the de facto weapon of choice for texting-crazed since they originaly launched in 2003. We’ve seen just about eight different models, over the last six years, but nothing has really blown us away since the Sidekick 2. SURE, the previous LX was an improvement over the Sidekick 3, which was a disaster, and the 2008 model was nice, but everything under the hood was the same. Well, T-Mobile dropped a bomb with the 3G LX today and it looks mean.

Bathing Ape Summer Collection

Bathing Ape release two sets of sunglasses for their 2009 Spring/Summer eyewear range. Both models feature untamed styles usually associated with Japanese eyewear and feature a Bape motif with transparent and solid frames. Available now !!!!

Stussy Summer Tees 09'

Vans-Triple Crowns

One of Vans’ most active collaborators, Taka Hayashi’s work on an upcoming Authentic low for the Triple Crown of Surfing is previewed here. The sneaker features a fully black upper with tonal prints. A small bit of color makes its way into the design via the top eyelet and Vans flag. Furthermore, the foxing band also includes another understated print referencing the large scale surfing event

Monday, May 4, 2009

Check the Frames

hose of you who aren’t scared to spend major gwap on sunglasses should remember this name—well, two names: Linda Farrow. First established in the ’70s, the line was relaunched in 2003 by the son of the brand’s namesake. Since then, it’s earned a rep for expertly crafted, style-forward sunglasses that appeal to eyewear connoisseurs.

Throwback: Her first ever Cover Shot

Rosario plays dress-up in Complex’s first-ever cover shoot in 2002

Bell & Ross’s Instrument BR Heritage Timepiece

If these Watches had a theme song it would be "Go HArd" by dem niggas
cuz these joints go hard.
What you think?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Keyshia & Keshia

The cans definatly go down for the Babe of the day.
What you think?
Keyshia Cole and & Keshia Knight Pulliam

Keri Hilson Rock da summer 09' Double delights...

Keri Hilston was spotted out in London Rocking the Double Delights Pastries.

A Session in da Bumble-B..

AS the session began with a simple spark of fire. so did the camera flash, Yess it me once again "on it". Paso=$ is the name and snapping remarkable moments is the plan....(Bull)..haha
Yo get at me Yungs!, had a pretty gud time chillin in shyt ..
SHout out to Lens and Trice!
Round ( two )let me kno!